God is Grace

The most fundamental lesson about God is that He is for you. God loves the world. He loves every person in the world with a fierce and stunning depth. He loves you. He loves you even when you loathe yourself, and through grace wants to change you into the person He created you to be. You cannot work yourself into a peaceful and abundant life, but God can "grace" you into it. Read more »

Grace is the Key to Christian Living

Sir Arthur Eddington was a contemporary of Albert Einstein's and one of the earliest physicists to understand the concepts of Einstein's relativity. He was genuinely brilliant, and both confirmed and contributed to Einstein's work. Eddington also had a colossal ego. One time a reporter asked, "Dr. Eddington, is it true that there are only three people alive that understand the theory of relativity?" Eddington paused for a moment, then replied, "I'm trying to imagine whom the third person might be." Read more »

Can We Trust Grace?

Because grace is challenging to understand it is also initially hard to trust. I doubt most Christians either understand or trust grace. This is clear from the fact that joy is a Christian birthright, but joy is generally absent among Christians. Let's face it, we do not have a great reputation. Christianity is not rejected because the adherents appear joyful. Read more »

Grace Leads to Joy

Joy. The second fruit of the Spirit. Jesus' offer and promise to His followers. A command from Paul. Joy, the laughter of the soul that springs from a sublime confidence and trust in God. Yet, how many Christians would describe themselves as joyful? Are you joyful? The honest answer is probably no. Read more »

Grace Leads to Simplicity

At first glance legalism appears to be very straightforward, black and white at every turn, a kind of binary approach to religion. You either do or you don't. You either avoid or indulge. Case closed. Simple, right? Not as you progress into it. Read more »